CarlsonCast June11--8am hour

File photo of exposed rebar and a hole in the surface of the I-5 Ship Canal Bridge in Seattle. (photo: KOMO News).{ }

8am hour -- David Boze in for John Carlson: Democrat tries to slam Trump but Trump might embrace it, a former WA lawmaker's blog is required reading for anyone who drives or does business in WA, 60% of WA transportation spending goes to mass transit yet mass transit only accounts for 4% of all commuter trips, two libraries in Pierce Co. need millions for upgrades but they want upgrades for meeting/event spaces instead of books, William Shatner was just in Seattle yesterday but Boze missed it, Shatner (88 now) has amassed a heckuva career resume between Priceline TV spokesman and all the TV shows (see TJ Hooker), why Boze was never asked to give a graduation commencement speech, Seattle yoga instructor wants you to "undo your whiteness", does this create resentment or empathy?

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