CarlsonCast June21--6am hour

Pres. Donald Trump (left) cancels an airstrike on an Iranian target, reportedly 10 minutes before scheduled launch. Pictured right is Iran's President Hassan Rouhani on Feb. 6, 2018. KVI's John Carlson susses out Trump's late breaking decision to hold off on military strike. (AP file photos)

6am hour -- Trump's Iran decision surprises everybody, why Iran is different than fighting ISIS or Syria and its a true test for Trump's resolve, convicted SW Seattle rapist suspected in 2nd attack on same victim may have fled back to Mexico, GUEST: Brian The Movie Guy reports that Toy Story 4 is a worthy addition to the revered trilogy,

Oregon's Governor tries to sic the state police on Republicans who won't show up for a cap-and-trade climate vote, four Kitsap Co. massage parlors raided and three women arrested in sex trafficking bust, GUEST: ABC's Jim Ryan endeavors to explain the surreal story of a FL city (the size of Everett WA) that paid $600,000 in a malware/ransom attack .

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