CarlsonCast June21--7am hour

A convicted rapist, Francisco Carranza-Ramirez, is seen in an updated photo with shorter hair and his beard shaved off. Ramierez is suspected of a new attack on the woman in southwest Seattle he's been convicted of raping.{ } After that alleged attack King County authorities say he has possibly fled back to Mexico where he was set to be deported prior to this alleged 2nd attack.{ } (Photo: King County Sheriff's Office)

7am hour -- Jay Inslee's press release about Trump and Iran doesn't really add up,

Renton stabbing attack victim speaks out about what might be suicide by cop, could unrest in one MLB city bring a team to Portland to rival Seattle, SW Seattle rapist may have fled back to Mexico after suspected 2nd attack on his rape victim, the judge's double-talk on allowing the convicted rapist to return for his deportation flight.

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