CarlsonCast June21--8am hour

Former U.S. Vice-President, Joe Biden, has been criticized for his unwanted touching in a variety of public situations. KVI's John Carlson examines the emerging scandal involving Biden's son--Hunter (not pictured here)--that could also cause campaign problems for the leading 2020 Democratic presidential candidate. (photo: Associated Press)

8am hour -- a musical kick-off to summer, Iran's US drone 'shoot down' and controlling the flow of oil tankers out the Persian Gulf, why Saudi Arabia isn't much better than Iran, Iranian mullahs versus the Iranian people, a stunning murder trial twist for a US Navy doctor charged with killing an ISIS detainee in custody, a network news outlet finally catches up to KVI on the Hunter Biden/Ukraine emerging scandal, how this Ukraine (and China) scandal could impact Joe Biden's presidential run, the US Supreme Court's newest justice leads the way on an opinion favoring a black Mississippi man, the racial component the High Court just exposed.

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