CarlsonCast June24--6am hour

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A TV reporter interviews self-employed logger Bridger Hasbrouck, of Dallas, Ore., outside the Oregon State House in Salem, Ore., on Thursday, June 20, 2019, the day the Senate is scheduled to take up a bill that would create the nation's second cap-and-trade program to curb carbon emissions. Senate Republicans, however, pledged to walk out so there wouldn't be enough lawmakers present for a vote on House Bill 2020, which is extremely unpopular among loggers, truckers and many rural voters. (AP Photo/Gillian Flaccus)

6am Hour--Radio Legend Mark Christopher is back after a much deserved vacation and he talks about the KBSG reunion he was a part of over the weekend. It's FREE GAS MONDAY where someone gets the chance to win $500 in free gas! It's also our Independence Day Flag giveaway with our friends Flags A' Flying! If Bernie Sanders was President, would anybody have to follow the rules? Big Mike has your Twitter 20 and President Trump comments on the protection of shipping lanes.

GUEST: Cary Condotta calls in to talk about the great weekend they had for I-1648. if you want to sign the petition, there are three ways to do so: Washington for I1648 on Facebook, LSPAC.ORG, and GIVE THEM

Lars Larson joins he conversation about cap and trade and those runaway Republicans in the Oregon senate

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