CarlsonCast June24--8am hour

Purse Snatchings.PNG
Purse Snatchings.PNG

8am Hour--Mark Christopher talks about the KBSG reunion he attended over the weekend. om Cotton Tells Chris Wallace why he wants Iran hit and Karl Rove on what to expect next from Iran and why (Karl Rove will be our guest on Tuesday's show at 8:05). Police are seeing a rise in purse-snatching outside large retail stores across south King County.

GUEST: Cary Condotta calls in to talk about the great weekend they had for I-1648. if you want to sign the petition, there are three ways to do so: Washington for I1648 on Facebook, LSPAC.ORG, and GIVE THEM

Crazy Bernie Sanders says “it is not appropriate” to deport illegal immigrants that don’t follow law in the United States.

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