CarlsonCast June25--6am hour

sanctuary city supporters CALI KOMO42.jpg
Sanctuary policy supporters demonstrate in this AP File photo. KVI's John Carlson examines a new report involving a Q13 journalist who tried to get answers about sanctuary policy in King County but got excuses instead of real answers.{ }

6am hour -- a Seattle news reporter shares her extensive efforts to get answers about the King Co. 'sanctuary' policy to benefit illegal aliens, the reporter issues a scathing commentary about the failure to acknowledge the policy contributed to two attacks on a woman south of Seattle, Carlson notes you can see the layers of bureaucracy stiffling public inquiry about 'sanctuary' policy, Trump praises women's soccer as one player from Seattle causes a stir at World Cup in France,

new report details Mexico's unprecedented cooperation to intercept people illegally crossing into the US,

a KVI caller asks some more burning questions about 'sanctuary' policy and the impact on the convicted White Center rapist case, Oregon's governor continues to push for a carbon tax (cap-and-trade) plan that would be worse than the one WA Gov. Jay Inslee recently approved.

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