CarlsonCast June25--8am hour

Judge Phelps per Francisco Carranza-Ramirez PIXLR.jpg
King County Superior Court Judge Nicole Gaines Phelps is back in the spotlight in a new report from Q13 about the case of convicted rapist, Francisco Carranza-Ramirez, who is an illegal alien. (screen grab: KOMO News)

8am hour -- GUEST: political strategist and former G.W. Bush advisor, Karl Rove, starts off discussing Bernie Sanders and the free college/university campaign promise, how Sanders' plan impacts anyone with a 401k retirement plan, solutions for health care costs being more affordable (direct primary care clinics), what Trump should do to "close the deal" with voters to win again in 2020, Presidential candidate Pete Buttegieg dealing with fierce criticism for South Bend Police fatal shooting of a black man, Seattle TV reporter demands answers about King County 'sanctuary' policy and how it impacted the missed deportation of a convicted rapist in White Center neighborhood, the TV reporter exposes the arrogance of King Co. elected officials and bureaucrats, the C-word in Seattle/King Co. politics.

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