CarlsonCast June26--7am hour

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FILE - In this June 21, 2017, file photo, Special Counsel Robert Mueller departs Capitol Hill following a closed-door meeting in Washington. The debate over special counsel Robert Mueller's report is getting new life with word that Mueller has agreed to testify publicly before two House committees. Democrats say Mueller will appear July 17 in back-to-back sessions of the Judiciary and Intelligence committees. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, File)

7am Hour-- Your phone calls about Big Tech with specific examples of information being suppressed in certain internet search engines. GUEST: GUEST: Cary Condotta gives and update on I-1648. if you want to sign the petition, there are three ways to do so: Washington for I1648 on Facebook, LSPAC.ORG, and GIVE THEM

Big Mike has yoru Twitter 20 and San Francisco is the first state to ban the sale of E-cigarettes. Eric Trump was spat on by an employee in a Chicago bar, but where's the media outrage? Trey Gowdy: When I Saw a Transcript In Mueller Probe "It Actually Changed My Perspective". After all this time, Navigation Team is just now documenting why homeless people refuse shelter, services.

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