CarlsonCast June28--6am hour

Democratic presidential candidate and U.S. Senator, Kamala Harris, (D-CA) gestures during the party's primary debate in Miami on June 27, 2019. AP Photo

6am hour -- The Debate Part 2 (the sequel was better than the Wednesday night original!), the one thing that's certain after 20 Democrats debated each other, look at illegal immigration, the why the current Democratic Party looks like a pale comparison of Seattle City Council, the story behind the tragic photo of El Salvadoran man and child who drowned at US/Mexico border, the man's family is speaking out about the man's motivation for crossing back across into Mexico, one debate candidate last night says his microphone was turned off when he tried to interject.

GUEST: I-1648 signature gathering update with Cary Condotta, cut-off for collecting signatures is one week from today, he says 4th of July events will provide a big chance to acquire the signatures needed to force a vote to repeal 11 tax hikes approved by Gov. Inslee this year, KVI's Lars Larson says the Oregon Legislature's attempt to pass a cap-and-trade law is starting to look futile.

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