CarlsonCast June28--8am hour

A petition for I-1648, which would force a vote to repeal 11 new taxes recently increased by Washington Governor Jay Inslee. KVI's John Carlson notes there's one week left to gather signatures for the best chance to insure I-1648 qualifies for the November 2019 general election ballot.{ }

8am hour -- GUEST: Grover Norquist (Americans for Tax Reform) talks about last night's debate, says he feels great about Trump winning re-election after two nights of Democratic debates, the issue of forced busing resurfaces in the latest debate, another good reason to ditch red light cameras after what happened involving the name of the Edgewood WA police, how Washington voters can send a message to Gov. Jay Inslee while he's campaigning for president, more moments of Joe Biden's bad debate night.

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