CarlsonCast June3--8am hour

A six-meter high cartoon baby blimp of President Donald Trump is flown as a protest against his visit, in Parliament Square in London, July 13, 2018. (photo: AP photographer Matt Dunham)

8am hour -- David Boze in for Carlson: a Seattle man wants to sell his town home and move his family out of the city due to homeless problems and says his house will sell for at least $30,000 less because of homeless problems near him, an LA cop contracts bacteria similar to typhoid fever, the baby Trump balloon resurfaces in London, British YouTube "star" sentenced to 15 months in jail for prank involving toothpaste on a homeless man, "AOC" and a 2020 Presidential candidate battle over a suitable health care reform plan, David is impressed with the socio-political message a state high school track competitor just used on the field.

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