CarlsonCast June4--7am hour

A liberal Seattle publication proposes banning lawn mowers in the city. So KVI's Kirby Wilbur responds with his thoughts on that idea. (file photo: AP)

7am hour--Kirby in for Carlson: GUEST: Seattle native and resident, Bill Harmon , works for the city parks department but is fed up and moving his family out of the city, he doesn't want to raise his kids with homeless camps surrounding his house in Lake City area, hoping to sell his house after city finally sweeps a problem homeless camp, end of an era on Jeopardy as long-time winner loses before breaking Ken Jennings record,

a hot-selling car brand means lots more jobs to repair/maintain their popular NW vehicles, a KVI caller talks about drug crime/break-in problems in his Edgewood neighborhood, GUEST: Tim Eyman new I-1648 tax limitation plan, a Seattle 'news' publication proposes a lawn mower ban

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