CarlsonCast June5--8am hour

JOhn Carlson Omaha Beach day before DDay75   6352_n.jpg
KVI's John Carlson captures the image of the crowds gathered at a D-Day invasion monument above Omaha Beach in Normandy, France on June 5, 2019. (photo: John Carlson)

8am hour -- David Boze in for Carlson: local connections from WA in France today for 75th D-Day anniversary commemorations/re-enactments, the segregated 2000 black American military combat unit's mission on D-Day 1944, how many blue tarps of homeless drug vagrants will it take for Seattle voters to knock out city council members exacerbating the crime/homeless problems?, new poll says more than half of Seattleites favor a zero-tolerance policy on homeless camping in city parks.

GUEST: opposing King Co. Libraries kids program where drag queens read to kids, Lynn Meagher, says drag queen(s) shouldn't be role model for kids, promoting social agendas at the expense of child reading programs, Seattle politicos' affordable housing hypocrisy and The Showbox condo redevelopment legal fight, what to make of King County's report that the 'overnight' homeless count in January shows a reduction in homelessness.

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