CarlsonCast June6--6am hour

Rangers from the U.S. 75th Ranger Regiment, in period dress, hold the American flag after scaling the cliffs of Pointe-du-Hoc in Cricqueville-en-Bessin, Normandy, France, Wednesday, June 5, 2019. During the American assault of Omaha and Utah beaches on June 6, 1944, U.S. Army Rangers scaled the 100-foot cliffs to seize German artillery pieces that could have fired on the American landing troops. (AP Photo/Thibault Camus)

6am hour -- David Boze in for Carlson: CNN anti-Trump reporter begrudgingly praises President's D-Day anniversary speech, an American WWII paratrooper recalls flying out of Britain and over looking the northern France beaches 75 yrs ago, CNN poll says 54% of Americans think Trump will win re-election, will Republican stronghold of Texas really vote Democrat for 2020 Presidential election?, Joe Biden is polling very well over Trump in TX right now, Bernie Sanders continues the crusade against Wal-Mart, a 93 yr old WWII veteran at today's DDay 75th anniversary just hit on FLOTUS.

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