CarlsonCast March10--7am hour

2019 file photo of State Senators at the Capitol in Olympia, WA. In this hour of the show KVI's John Carlson interviews legislative watchdog, Randy Pepple, from about the remaining issues in the session, including a Low Carbon Fuel Standard that would effectively be a gasoline price hike. (photo: Ted S. Warren/Associated Press)

7am hour -- Legislature/Olympia update with’s Randy Pepple, the arrogance of Legislative Democrats who are ignoring the repeated will of the voters with their push for higher prices on carbon fuel (aka gasoline and natural gas), Coronavirus patient zero in WA (Everett) and the missed opportunities to limit the spread, new meme for what to do if you get pulled over if you get pulled over for speeding or a traffic stop right now...

empty transit buses roll through Seattle as Coronavirus changes the local commute,

Jeopardy TV game show announces they'll record current episodes without an audience (to protect both show host Alex Trebek, undergoing pancreatic cancer treatment, and the audience members).

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