CarlsonCast March11--8am hour

Biden Bernie delegate count WA Primary PIXLR.jpg
Bernie Sanders narrowly leads Joe Biden in the initial results for the Washington Democratic Presidential Primary. Complete results won't be known for a few more days due to the mail in ballot voting. (photo: KOMO News)

8am hour -- its over for Bernie Sanders (as a presidential contender), last night's primary results are the best case scenario for Democrats, the impact of Coronavirus on the primary election results made voters risk averse, conservative talk radio hosts are missing an important point about Joe Biden's verbal confrontation on gun rights, Biden's reference about his dead son hunting set off a red flag about Biden,

hard line Bernie Sanders supporters say they won't support Biden in general election, blood supply shortages now due to Coronavirus, GUEST: 5th grader Grayson Goodman, is rallying people to donate blood in honor of his dad who recently died from cancer, Grayson’s dad received many pints of blood when he was hospitalized, battling cancer. a Michigan college student asks Bernie Sanders to assure her that his style of socialism won't turn totalitarian.

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