CarlsonCast March13--7am hour

$30 car tabs leads PIXLR.jpg
A King County judge has lifted the injunction placed on the $30 car tabs which would mean that the law goes into effect while an appeals court awaits the next hearing on the lawsuit brought by King County officials trying to block the car tab reduction from going into law. (photo: KOMO News file photo Nov. 2019)

7am -- judge lifts $30 car tabs injunction likely allowing it to go into effect in a few days, Tom Hanks gives humorous update about his (and his wife's) Corona virus status, Democrats and news media continue their biased portrayals of Trump's Corona virus response, still no expected cost for Congressional stimulus plan to combat Corona virus economic downturn,

GUEST: economist Steve Moore gives the least bad of the federal stimulus ideas Congress is talking about to address Corona virus economic downturn.

GUEST: host of Full Measure, Sharyl Attkisson, writes about the national news media (facts vs. panic) coverage of Corona virus, this Sunday Sharyl airs a special report on cities like Seattle with anti-cop politicians and how it impacts police force staffing and public safety.

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