CarlsonCast March16--8am hour

KVI listeners want to know if tribal casinos are required to abide by Gov. Jay Inslee's restrictions on public gatherings and KVI's John Carlson has the answers. (photo: KOMO News)

8am hour -- a Carlson theory about why fewer homeless people are out and about on Seattle streets right now, the art of gov't officials closing restaurants, lots of KVI listeners are wondering if tribal casinos are abiding by Inslee's public gathering restrictions (spoiler alert: they are), Congresswoman from The Squad wants to use COVID-19 to let criminals out of jail,

what's the difference between capitalism and price-gouging? (here's a case study involving hand sanitizer in the midst of COVID-19 concerns), the answer about price-gouging is classically exemplified in a Leave It To Beaver TV episode, what you need to know about last night's Joe Biden vs. Bernie Sanders debate, how Trump will exploit Bidenbased on an answer he gave last night about illegal aliens with criminal backgrounds.

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