CarlsonCast March17--8am hour

COVID- extra shutdowns PIXLR.jpg
Gov. Jay Inslee ordered mandatory shutdowns on some businesses and tighter restrictions on restaurants as listed here. KVI's John Carlson talks to a Seattle restaurant owner with an iconic location in the Pioneer Square neighborhood. (photo: KOMO News)

8am hour -- GUEST: owner of Merchant's Cafe Darcy Hanson, she might not comply with new Inslee restriction shutting down bars/restaurants, economic collapse for her, says she can serve customers and still meet social distancing guidelines the state set a few days ago, says she's taken a 75% drop in customer sales so far, will she be labeled a grand parent killer if she doesn't comply? she thinks she can make her restaurant safe for customers, the balancing act of violating Inslee's closure order and generating money to pay her bills, Carlson plays an audio clip from Gov. Inslee's first COVID-19 press conference back in mid-January and it shows how drastically things have changed in the last 7 weeks.

GUEST: Kent mayor, Dana Ralph updates the political battle she's in with King County over placement of a COVID-19 quarantine site at a motel in Kent, a quarantine patient placed there last week bolted thus nullifying the point of a quarantine, seven weeks ago (Jan. 21st), a top State Health official said something about Corona virus that would cost him his job (if he said it) today.

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