CarlsonCast March18, 6am hour

Corona Shake Shack closure sign PIXLR.jpg
The Seattle Shake Shack location warns customers that they're only allowing for pick-up orders because of COVID-19. KVI's John Carlson interviews a conservative writer who feels the closure requirements issued by politicians are an over-reaction to the infectious virus. (photo: KVI Staff)

6am hour -- quietest St. Patrick's Day ever, the one local restaurant you can go to and still enjoy an eat-in experience, Pres. Trump pushes back on the narrative that you can't call COVID-19 the Chinese flu, a major question surrounding Bernie Sanders plan to give Americans $2000 each to survive the COVID-19 outbreak,

Conservative writer (and attorney) Heather MacDonald disagrees with the blanket closures and restrictions imposed for CORVID-19, why she feels the widespread closures and restrictions per COVID-19 are an over-reaction, the economic depression politicians are inviting is cruel to workers, a better response would be building up hospital resources rather than ordering shelter in place requirements, she asks rhetorically if this societal shutdown is going to be an annual occurrence to the flu response, Seattle celebrity power couple announces 1 million meals to local food bank for COVID-19 relief,

Bernie Sanders announces he's reassessing his presidential campaign after losing all three Democratic primaries yesterday (FL, IL, AZ).

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