CarlsonCast March18--8am hour

corona social distancing CDC chart PXLR.jpg
The CDC chart showing the impact social distancing can have to "flatten the curve" of the COVID-19 outbreak. (graphic: CDC)

8am hour --this hour's Corona Key Word is "cautious", the one local restaurant that doesn't have to abide by Gov. Inslee's recent closure or take-out only restrictions, checking the updated COVID-19 outbreak numbers (over 200,000 confirmed cases world wide, 8232 dead), KVI's parent company is taking social distancing seriously because almost nobody is left on our floor in the building, KOMO's Eric Johnson describes the shutdown over COVID-19 in a way that only he can, Full Measure host Sharyl Attkisson exposes some fake news by a NYT writer already busted for a viral math fail on MSNBC two weeks ago,

President Trump pushes back on Chinese propaganda that US military originated COVID-19 infection(s), Puget Sound grocery store chain sets aside shopping time for Seniors and health compromised folks to shop more safely, Trump sends US military hospital vessel to NY to help with COVID-19 response there, LIVE coverage of Trump's COVID-19 daily briefing (and new information about a home self-test for COVID-19).

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