CarlsonCast March19--6am hour

Ground zero of COVID-19 outbreak, Wuhan, China reports no new infections for today roughly two months after their initial cases garnered global attention. (AP file photo from Heathrow Airport in Britain from Wednesday Jan. 29, 2020. Credit: (Steve Parsons)

6am hour -- zero new infections reported in Wuhan (China) for today, the zero infections (report) is a good sign but only a tiny first step, consider our Puget Sound mass transit ridership during COVID-19 restrictions, the Trump critics who complained about his border security don't say bup about numerous foreign countries (Germany, Australia, Canada) locking down their borders amid COVID-19 suppression, a KVI caller shares his bus riding experience amid social distancing,

99+% of COVID-19 deaths in Italy were people who had underlying health problems, millenials defying social distancing warnings to stave off COVID-19 spread are the new pariah, spring breakers in Miami show how shallow they are about avoiding contact to prevent COVID-19 spread, (embed)

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