CarlsonCast March20--7am hour

KVI's John Carlson interviews economist Steve Moore who is beginning the push to re-open the US economy after more than a week of closures and restrictions regarding COVID-19 precautions. (file photo: AP)

7am hour -- trying to get a haircut during COVID-19 proved tougher than Carlson had planned, KVI's Lars Larson analyzes the current Congressional plans to address economic paralysis of COVID-19 and what will really help American workers, why the current unemployment disbursement system is a better avenue for reaching workers, Gov. Jay Inslee requests Trump send hospital ship USS Mercy to Seattle at same time CA Gov. wants it sent to LA (that's Los Angeles, not Louisiana),

GUEST: economist, Steve Moore, says in the next two weeks the shutdown of the US economy has to end because it is absurd and too costly, Moore says there has to be another way to combat the virus than shutting down the economy, CA would have 40 million residents incarcerated in their homes per latest politicians' edicts, reversing economic shutdown needs to be done in thoughtful way (like suspending payroll taxes and guaranteed lines of credit for small businesses), IRS officially switches Tax Day from April 15th to July 15th; KVI callers sound off on the best way to help Americans laid off or downsized in the COVID-19 economic paralysis.

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