CarlsonCast March23--6am hour

Amid COVID-19 pandemic, crowds flock to the top of Rattlesnake Ridge hiking area near North Bend, WA. A packed Rattlesnake Ledge on March 22, 2020 ( photo credit: Chris McFarland via KOMO News)

6am hour -- Producer Phil subs for Carlson today, the problem with suppressing COVID-19 is all this sunshine, experts say too many people are out at Puget Sound parks and beaches (even WA and Oregon coastal beaches) during the COVID-19 social distancing, consider the situation in tiny Forks WA, the two leading hot spots for too much COVID-19 recreation are Alki Beach, North Bend's Rattlesnake Ridge; "Stay inside" orders start today in Everett and Edmonds, latest WA stats say 94% of people are testing negative for COVID-19 (infection rates had been predicted to be 7-10%), listen to the advice of an Evergreen Hospital ER doctor in Kirkland about how to act right now to thwart COVID-19, Pres. Trump sends USNS Mercy hospital ship to LA instead of Seattle, why the doctor expects a surge in local cases/admissions in the next week, major media grill Trump for any tiny mis-step or mis-speak about COVID-19 but there's no major news media scrutiny for the damaging false info the WHO communicated about COVID-19 in China, Portland OR man busted for stealing and then selling 8000 medical N95 masks on Craigslist.

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