CarlsonCast March23--7am hour

Covid -- PPE gear shipment March 23-24 PIXLR.jpg
Widely needed medical equipment known as PPE gear is being delivered to Washington from the Strategic National Stockpile{ }

7am hour -- Producer Phil subs for Carlson: Trump doesn't fulfill all of Gov. Inslee's emergency declaration requests, WA will receive a lot of PPE gear from the national stockpile, why a UW doc says PPE gear is so instrumental in faster testing for patients with COVID-19 symptoms, the optimism from a Stanford research doctor who correctly predicted the impact in China from COVID about 1 month before it became true, Megyn Kelly calling nonsense on a 9-month quarantine prediction by NY's governor.

at least two US Senators under scrutiny for the timing of their stock (shares) sales in the days after they received closed door COVID-19 briefing in late January, GUEST: former WA Congressman, Brian Baird, he sponsored the law that now forbids Congressional members from trading stocks based on info they receive in closed-door briefings, why Baird says its "not an easy case" to prove that the stock sale was directly connected to that COVID-19 briefing.

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