CarlsonCast March23--8am hour

An empty Wetmore Avenue in downtown Everett just days before a city-wide "stay at home" order goes into effect from mayor Cassie Franklin. (photo: KOMO News).{ }

8am hour --Producer Phil subs for Carlson: gas prices are how low in WA?, Trump authorizes National Guard activation for WA (after request by Gov. Inslee), Trump wants governors to take command on the COVID-19 response, Everett and Edmonds begin their 'stay at home' mandates issued by respective mayors, why this week's weather forecast will force more people to abide by Everett's and Edmonds's edict, Seattle Police use PA speaker to warn people to leave one city park, Harvey Weinstein tests COVID-19 positive in jail after sex assault convictions so how did he get tested before other (non-criminal) patients?

GUEST: Shoreline resident, Matt Robertson, age 28, has just completely recovered from COVID-19, Robertson explains how his symptoms prompted his admission to a special COVID-19 ICU in Sammamish WA, why he chose to be intubated for 6 days because of pneumonia, how he recovered and his message for all the people flocking to parks/beaches/hiking trails as we're warned to social distance ourselves.

RIP Kenny Loggins the music and the roasters, how Neil Diamond is changing the lyrics to one of his most popular songs during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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