CarlsonCast March24--6am hour

Corona - Inslee stay home PIXLR.jpg
Washington Gov., Jay Inslee, announces his "stay home, stay healthy" order affecting the entire state, which he says will help spread infections of COVID-19. (photo: KOMO News)

6am hour -- Carlson returns from a rough weekend health-wise, Gov. Jay Inslee issues "stay home" order, why Inslee is justifying this order and why Inslee probably didn't want to do it, better marketing for "stay home, stay healthy" then CA "shelter in place", what's allowed and not allowed under Inslee's statewide order, how KVI radio staff are allowed to travel under Inslee's new "stay home" order, how law enforcement will approach people out in public suspected of violating the "stay home" order, KVI's Lars Larson says Inslee's "stay home" order is the best of the unpleasant options to stymie COVID-19.

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