CarlsonCast March24--7am hour

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A list of key demands in the1400 page{ } COVID-19 relief bill proposed by Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). KVI's John Carlson explores the list and what if any connection the provisions actually have to boosting the economy after the paralysis induced by the COVID-19 shutdowns and restrictions imposed by elected and health officials. (photo: FNC screen grab)

7am hour -- why Inslee says it was a difficult decision to mandate statewide 'stay home' order, Senate Democrats block effort to pass $2 trillion (that's two TRILLION) relief bill, how Speaker Nancy Pelosi is trying to hijack the relief bill with identity politics and a 'woke' agenda, Fox Host Tucker Carlson examines the bizarre demands Pelosi wants in the COVID-19 relief bill, what to expect if you violate the new WA 'stay home' order,

On this date in history a former Mariner pitcher did something that will likely never ever happen again, the upside to the COVID-19 outbreak is learning who the real heroes are on the front lines of providing all the staples we take for granted, KVI giving away restaurant $50 gift certificates all week long on both John and Kirby's shows, Trump blames Pelosi for derailing COVID-19 relief bill,

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