CarlsonCast March24--8am hour

The West Seattle Bridge snakes between the port of Seattle in the foreground and the Nucor steel plant beyond. Seattle transportation officials have shutdown the vital connection between West Seattle and I-5 for emergency repairs. KVI's John Carlson responds to this sudden closure by Seattle DOT. (photo: KOMO News)

8am hour -- West Seattle Bridge is shutdown indefinitely because of emergency repairs, now West Seattle residents are caught in gridlock because of Seattle politicians' inability to maintain infrastructure while they build expensive bike lanes and street cars that are mostly empty, China announces they're lifting lockdown on city of Wuhan in 2 weeks, proud women's rights activist wishes Trump were more of a dictator,

funny that the guy who wants capitalism to die is posting his views on Twitter, created by a capitalist and, ya know, run for profit.

A preview of today's post-show podcast including the abrupt retirement announcement by the WA Lt. Governor, a KVI caller talks about the importance of bridge maintenance in our salty ocean-air Puget Sound environment, America currently sitting at a 10% infection rate for COVID-19,

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