CarlsonCast March25--8am hour

Corona relief bill Senate PIXLR.jpg
KVI's John Carlson examines the US Senate agreement on COVID-19 relief bill and why Trump is sensitive to the worries of the American people. (photo: Fox News screen grab)

8am -- St. Louis Fed Reserve talks about possible 30% unemployment rate because of economic wipe out from COVID-19, Trump allowing governors to take the lead on directing COVID-19 response and resources in their states, Trump understands millions of Americans are worried about the economic paralysis from COVID-19, that worry prompted his suggestion to re-open some businesses by Easter, Bernie Sanders is triggered by fast-food chain's reminder for people to socially distance,

Gov. Inslee urged to veto a statewide ban on plastic grocery bags because of COVID-19 spread logistics, gun stores are being labeled as non-essential businesses as part of more stringent 'stay home' orders in states and cities across the US, King Co. Executive unveils his plan to reduce jail populations in name of stopping COVID-19 spread, a 28 yr old WSP trooper killed in the line of duty trying to lay out spike strips to stop a high speed chase of a suspect's car, cynical and sometimes subversive comedy legend George Carlin had a brilliant rant about germs and infections (vis-a-vis our current COVID outbreak) from 20 years ago (warning: explicit language)

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