CarlsonCast May1--7am hour

Paula Lamas KUNS PIXLR.jpg
KUNS TV anchor and Venezuelan native, Paula Lamas (right or derecha), joins KVI's John Carlson (left or izquierda) to assess and explain the current turmoil in Venezuela regarding dictator Nicolas Maduro who is clinging to power despite the National Assembly and other nations (like the US and other South American neighbors) who recognize Ron Guydo as the country's president. (photo: KVI Staff)

7am hour -- GUEST: KUNS TV anchor (who hails from Venezuela) Paula Lamas talks about what's going on with citizens trying to confront military backing the faltering dictator (Nicolas Maduro), Cuba's connection to the dictator, Lamas thinks the conflict will end with Maduro leaving voluntarily, Gov. Jay Inslee is hoping for an alternate ending to HBO's Game of Thrones (GOT)

Live coverage of U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr answering Senate Judiciary Committee questions about the Mueller Report and why there's no charge against Trump for obstruction of justice, Carlson notes that Barr is unflappable in his answers to Democratic Senator.

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