CarlsonCast May14--7am hour

ST3 Steep Taxes sign.png
You've been warned. Plan (and vote) accordingly. (photo: KVI Staff)

7am hour --the former deputy U.S. A.G. calls out James Comey, GUEST: new initiative from Tim Eyman will force an expiration date or "sunset" on several of the taxes just approved by Gov. Inslee, a lengthy follow-up on the mysterious disappearance of a female hiker last August in Snohomish County, one US state might raise the price to register an EV car to $1000 per year, GUEST: Todd Myers examines Gov. Inslee's flip-flop on an LNG plant proposed in Tacoma (and a methanol refinery in Kalama WA), how extreme the pro-climate change movement have become in just the last 4 years, a suspected hit-n-run driver still on the loose after hitting a 10 year-old girl in Parkland/So.Tacoma.

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