CarlsonCast May15--6am hour

(AP File Photo) Shark Tank host, NBA owner and outspoken entrepreneur, Mark Cuban, isn't impressed with the 22 (or is it 23?) Democratic candidates for President.{ }

6am hour -- Mark Cuban tees off on the gigantic field of Democrats running vs Trump, for Cuban he says career politicians are still damaged goods to American voters, some Seattle City Councilmembers are now blaming middle class residents for dumping garbage at areas with homeless trash piling up, an MSNBC host just said something flattering about Trump,

how 5G smart phone service is going to change your life, GUEST: founder of Greenhaven Interactive, Dave Parkhurst, explains the tech possibilities now with 5G service expanding, bonus conversation about trusting your voice-activated "Alexa" devices for what it records, we're trying not to laugh at the ranking that has Washington as the #1 state to live in.

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