CarlsonCast May15--7am hour

FILE - In this Aug. 31, 2013 file photo, Gov. Scott Walker laughs before riding in the Harley-Davidson 110th Anniversary Parade in Milwaukee, Wis. President Donald Trump's call for a boycott of Harley-Davidson motorcycles forced Gov. Walker and other Republicans to either criticize the president or stick with the Milwaukee-based company just ahead of the Tuesday Aug. 14, 2018 primary, where Trump allegiance has been a central focus. (Mike De Sisti/Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel via AP, File)

7am hour -- a Republican Senator outlines the potential conflict with Iran amid current Persian Gulf tensions and provocations, a new list ranks WA as the #1 state to live in but it ignores a lot of key criteria, this ranking also flies in the face of another recent list of top states Americans are actually moving to, a rising country music performer from Enumclaw WA is suing mega concert promoter for an idea she alleges they stole from her, former Wisconsin Republican governor Scott Walker joins KVI to talk about how to reverse a blue wave with taxpayer accountability, more of what's wrong with this list ranking WA as the #1 state to live in right now.

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