CarlsonCast May2--8am hour

KVI's John Carlson interviews a listener from south Whidbey Island WA who is fed up with the growing amount of homeless and heroin-culture problems up and down the island.{ }{ }

8am hour -- GUEST: Whidbey Island resident, Morgan, is fed up with growing (drug addicted) heroin-homeless problems, she chronicles the increase in transient homeless problems and trespassing over the last few years, is concerned that the Island Co. prosecutor isn't doing enough to enforce laws that allow homeless people to congregate and proliferate.

GUEST: WPC's Jason Mercier reports that in the last three days of the WA Legislature session Democrats pushed through $1 billion in tax increases and at least one of the tax hikes will face a constitutional legal battle, Seattle Times says repealing ban on affirmative action (when WA Legis. approved I-1000) is good,Tacoma 83 yr old woman mauled and disfigured by two pitbull mixed dogs, the dogs' owner is on the run from police, KVI callers sound off on the safety aspects of dangerous dog breeds.

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