CarlsonCast May28--7am hour

John Carlson Memorial Day 2019 Scouts camping 607.jpg
A KVI John Carlson Show exclusive sunset picture from his Memorial Day 2019 camping trip to the Washington coast with Boy Scout Troop #600. (photo: John Carlson)

7am hour -- a recap of Carlson's weekend trip to Shy Shy Beach and some unexpected twists for the camping venture, the last minute switch Carlson's Boy Scout group made and how you can discover this secret camping spot, why climate change alarmists are two-faced about carbon emissions and nuclear power, the heart-warming national anthem performance by a 96 yr old WWII veteran playing a unique instrument, a private company is pushing forward building a border wall, Auburn police search for suspect(s) who burned a US flag flying in the bed of a man's (parked) pick-up truck,

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