CarlsonCast May28--8am hour

A ribbon of climbers ascend Mt. Everest in May 2019 as weather allows for the conditions necessary to summit the very congested 29,035-foot (8,850-meter) peak. The convergence of so many climbers and inconsistent weather, conducive to safe climbing, has resulted in 11 climbers dying in the past few weeks on the upper tier of Mt. Everest. KVI's John Carlson discusses the circumstances on the world's tallest peak. (photo: AP).{ }

8am hour -- now 11 Mt. Everest climbers are dead in the last few days, the conflict of weather and too many climbers on Everest, Federal Way man survives 5 gunshots in what appears to be random or mistaken shooting, some statistics to show how brave and rare it is for Americans to serve in the military, Israel and the E.U. Brexit situation, "France is not for the French" controversy after illegal immigrant takeover of an airport terminal, a dumb criminal story from Cashmere WA involving a self-inflicted gun shot wound in the nether region.

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