CarlsonCast May29--6am hour

Seattle Police responded to a shooting in a city park that wounded a 10-month old child and her mother who were reportedly caught in the crossfire of two gang members. The wounded shooting victims are expected to recover but KVI's John Carlson shares his thoughts on public safety in Seattle. (photo: KOMO News)

6am hour -- its the last show before Carlson's big D-Day & France trip, Seattle Councilwoman attempts to lecture about gun laws after pair of south Seattle park shootings on Memorial Day injure woman and children, TV weatherman's on-air frustration over viewer complaints during tornado coverage, Ellensburg WA hit hard with heavy hail stones,

Trump's new ICE director is Obama's old US Border Patrol chief and he wants an honest debate about border security, DEVELOPING NEWS: Robert Mueller set to make first public statement on his 2-year Russia investigation report in one hour.

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