CarlsonCast May29--7am hour

A service member wears a patch that says "Make Aircrew Great Again" as they listen to President Donald Trump speak to troops at a Memorial Day event aboard the USS Wasp on May 28, 2019, in Yokosuka, Japan. The patch includes a likeness of Trump. (Evan Vucci/AP)

7am hour -- US Navy crew on USS Wasp in trouble after Trump's recent visit during Japan trip, why young Americans are getting lured into socialism (and believing socialist politicians), an MSNBC host tries to coax some anti-Trump comments out of two panelists on Memorial Day program, another invitation to e-mail Carlson if you want his secret recommendation on a good hiking/camping beach on the WA coast,

Britain's Nigel Farage explains the current status of Brexit with Britain's latest political turn-over, GUEST: economist Steve Moore says Brexit is impacted by a far-left wing that is similar to what is happening with freshman Democrats in the US House.

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