CarlsonCast May3--6am hour

Emerald City Guitars James Anya KOMO emphasis patrols IAIU-Ql.jpg
In Seattle, Emerald City Guitars employee James Anaya talks to KOMO News about the crime problems that impact his business and the new decision by Seattle officials to increase police presence to deter crime related to homeless/drug addiction problems. (photo: KOMO News)

6am hour -- some highlights from last night's 25th Anniversary Party for John Carlson, Joe Biden getting heat from progressives because of something he said about Dick Cheney in 2015, California Democrats forget about the U.S. Constitution in their latest anti-Trump move, new report says the worst repeat criminal offenders in Seattle are committing more crimes not less since original report came out 3 months ago, anti-Trump Democrats dig into a 10-year-old divorce settlement to bully a nominee for Federal Reserve Board.

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