CarlsonCast May30--7am hour

Seattle City Councilman, Mike O'Brien, seen here in a file photo, is pushing a new ordinance that would curb the size of houses built in an effort to prevent construction of so-called "McMansions" in the city. The proposed size restrictions exemplify the debate about affordable housing and government planning. (photo: KOMO News)

7am hour -- Seattle city council's current battle over house sizes described as "McMansions", the despicable attitude of micro-managing councilman Mike O'Brien, the tax base that larger size homes creates for the city, a homegrown celebrity auditions for the Seahawks special teams,

why state lotteries should have a 'truth in advertising' disclaimer, how the city council's debate on "McMansions" underscores their failure on solving drug/crime/homeless problems, a KVI caller wonders what the real priorities of Seattle-centric politicians really are these days.

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