CarlsonCast May31--6am hour

U.S. Attorney General, William Barr, pictured here in a file photo, has responded to the public statement by Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, made earlier this week. KVI's David Boze examines Barr's reaction to Mueller's line about "if the President did not commit a crime...". (photo: AP)

6am hour -- David Boze in for Carlson: tragedy on Mt. Rainier when rock slide strikes climbers camping at 10,000 feet, AG Bill Barr responds to the Robert Mueller public comment, unraveling Mueller's 'if there was a crime' comment, ABC's head honcho hints at boycotting Georgia over new abortion restriction law, Oregon is saturated with too much (waaay too much) marijuana, selective enforcement of laws applies to marijuana production and transport, an Oregon school district is holding a graduation reception only for students of color.

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