CarlsonCast May7--7am hour

Teacher salaries have spiked in Washington in the last year after changes in education spending spurred by the McCleary legal decision, but now the Edmonds School Board is meeting today to consider laying off 45 class room staff and educators due to a $17.7 million budget shortfall. According to the Everett Herald, the Edmonds district agreed to pay raises of 20% for staff and now the district running out of money due to budgetary formulas changed by the Washington Legislature. (file photo: KOMO News).{ }

7am hour -- deciphering the latest round of rocket attacks against Israel from Gaza and the Israeli munitions response in Gaza, a tunnel discovered underneath a mosque in Gaza, the Philadelphia PA mosque video of children singing about chopping off heads and violence against Jews, Edmonds (WA) School District Board meeting right now to debate possible layoffs of 45 classroom and teaching staff after 20% teacher pay raises one year ago, cold water warning/reminder as the sunny weather heats up this week,

Denver CO residents vote today on allowing homeless to sleep in city parks GUEST: drug addiction recovery counselor in Denver, Peter Droege, opposes this homeless policy and thinks it will turn Denver into Seattle, an intrepid KVI listener just found the Edmonds School District pay raises (less than 1 year ago)were 20% (according to the Everett Herald reporting on Aug. 1, 2018).

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