CarlsonCast May7--8am hour

Two dead grey whales so far in May, one pictured here at Cape Disappointment on the Washington Coast, and another beached in southwest Everett bring the total to 13 dead grays in Washington this year. (photo: KOMO News){ }

8am hour -- a string of Gray Whale deaths in Puget Sound and the west coast spark questions about starvation concerns, GUEST: WPC's Todd Myers evaluates some of the recent Gray Whale deaths (including one in SW Everett in Possession Sound), a Travis Berge update (he's the meth addict KOMO News discovered in "Seattle Is Dying"), Game Of Thrones producers respond to viral social media moment when a Starbucks drink cup ended up inadvertently in a shot of latest episode, North Seattle residents are skeptical at meeting about homeless and crime problems with city mayor and a council member, Seattle's lack of police force is seen as a key part of homeless/crime problem, a new video from the 8 yr old Alexandria Ocasio Cortez impersonator, only 10% of Americans polled have a positive view of 'socialism' (Monmouth poll).

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