CarlsonCast May8--8am hour

Climate Change protesters in Seattle 2017 KOMO1.jpg
KVI's John Carlson talks about the Climate Change debate and its potential to influence the 2020 Presidential election in this hour of the show. Pictured here, protesters in Seattle 2017 . (photo: AP)

8am hour -- GUEST: climate change and technology writer for The Atlantic, Robinson Meyer, talks about climate change actually being an issue that can help Democrats beat Trump in 2020, how Gov. Jay Inslee uses the climate change issue to advance his 2020 chances,

GUEST: Socialist Worker's Party candidate for Seattle City Council, Henry Dennison, is demanding the US stay out of Venezuela (and Cuba) amid the current unrest in Venezuela, the conversation expands to what Dennison believes should happen politically in Seattle, a KVI caller who grew up in Panama calls to disagree with the guest about the benefit of US intervention there, a former union shop steward calls to discuss the realities of government employee union leadership (and last year's Janus decision at SCOTUS).

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