CarlsonCast May9--6am hour

KIRO TV reports a Metro bus stop near Pioneer Square is very dangerous, according to the bus riders they interviewed. (photo: KOMO News).{ }

6am hour -- crowd walks out of vigil for student killed at Colorado school, mental health concerns about the 18 yr old accused killer (an other juvenile suspect hasn't been charged yet), a 12 yr old survivor of the shooting tells CNN he was ready to fight back as he and classmates secured themselves in a closet, Seattle's most dangerous bus stop under the microscope after TV news report, GUEST: follow up on Denver's vote against allowing homeless people to camp in public parks (but approved legalization of hallucinogenic mushrooms aka "psilocybin") Centennial Institute's Peter Droege, candidate Jay Inslee complains about Trump "shell game" after NYT publishes leaked Trump tax returns.

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