CarlsonCast May9--7am hour

(AP file photo of school classroom) KVI's John Carlson interviews an Edmonds School District official about the likelihood of 45 teacher layoffs just one year after the district raised some teacher's pay 20% while they knew they were losing other funding based on new spending formulas required by the WA Legislature.{ }

7am hour -- Chris Christie vs. House Democrats on impeachment, a CNN anchor even confronts a House Democrat over all the impeachment bluster, GUEST: Edmonds School District Director of Business and Finance, Lydia Sellie, addresses concerns about possible teacher layoffs and the district's $17.7 million budget shortfall, she's pressed for answers about why 20% raises were given to some teachers when the district knew they were about to lose funding from a levy, a KVI caller talks about the similar problems emerging for the Puyallup school district.

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