CarlsonCast May9--8am hour

ST3 Steep Taxes sign.png
KVI's John Carlson warns about some steep taxes about to be enacted by Gov. Jay Inslee. (photo: KVI Staff)

8am hour -- a lot of people are praising the student who was murdered after rushing the shooter in Highland Ranch CO near Denver, a KVI caller sounds off about supporting the Edmonds School District for its big pay raises to teachers, can you guess how many tax increases Gov. Inslee is set to sign in to law?? (if you want to persuade the Governor to veto any of these tax increases, call his office 360-902-4111), fed up Seattle business owners give the city council an ear-ful (? ear-full?) about constant crime/homeless problems, a former King County tourism board employee calls the show, in a KVI interview a financial director for the Edmonds School District talks about the continuing power struggle with unions over teacher salaries.

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