CarlsonCast Nov1--7am hour

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A Republican Congressman just issued a challenge to a top House Democrat to testify under oath to the Judiciary Committee about his interactions with the whistle blower at the heart of the impeachment proceedings against Pres. Donald Trump. (photo: KOMO News){ }

7am hour -- Carlson forgets to remind callers about switching your clocks back 1 hour this weekend to standard time, how goats saved the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in southern CA from being damaged by fire this week, Republican Congressman issues challenge to Democrat committee chairman to testify under oath,

GUEST: economist Steve Moore talks about new (adjusted) jobs report including workers now re-entering the job market, what the current #1 concern is for small business owners right now, GUEST: host of Full Measure (Sundays at 10am on KOMO HD 104), Sharyl Attkisson tries to answer Carlson's trivia question about a rock-n-roll birthday, also Sharyl's upcoming report on Denmark addresses something that rarely gets explained about European big cities in American news media.

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